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Collecting for Lourie Family

Flowers are lovely, but not particularly helpful. Helpful Love provides a community of caring local businesses who provide useful practical services. Here’s a list of our lovely Newcastle vendors.

Michelle Faithfull contacted Helpful Love on 8 January 2018 to set up a Collection Page to raise some Helpful Love funds to support the beautiful Lourie family to ease the worry of practical burdens of day to day life while they come to terms with the absolutely devastating cards that have been dealt and navigate the journey of their life without their darling son Isaac.

Thanks to the generous contributions of family and friends Helpful Love vouchers totaling $5900.00 were delivered which they can use to seek domestic assistance through the Helpful Love community over the coming weeks, months and years. The vouchers never expire.

A full list of names of all contributors was provided to Anna and Ross, together with all messages of love and support from their loving community.

Thank you to everyone who thought practically during this difficult time.

Sending all our love from the Helpful Love community xx

This collection is now closed to new contributions. For questions please contact

64 Contributions $5900 Contributed




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