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Which areas do you service?

We service the whole of Australia.

If there aren’t any vendors in the directory for your area yet, we just ask the recipient to contact us to tell us what help they need and then we source the perfect vendors. Our vouchers never expire, so there is never any risk of them expiring before the recipient has a chance to use them.


How do I use my voucher?

It’s easy
Step 1. Select the vendor of your choice here in the directory.
Step 2. Contact them directly to book their services. Let them know you will be using your Helpful Love voucher.

Step 3. When the service is provided give the vendor your Helpful Love voucher for payment. The vendor will then seek reimbursement from Helpful Love at the completion of the job.

Step 4. Relax and enjoy your gift.

Note. If the service of your choice costs more than the value of your Helpful Love voucher you can either pay the difference to the vendor directly or purchase additional Helpful Love vouchers from our shop.


I want to buy a helpful gift. I was thinking of a cleaner or Lawnmowing voucher. Can you help?

We sure can! The Helpful Love gift voucher is the perfect practical gift, as the recipient can choose a cleaner or lawnmowing or whatever they like. (If you bought a cleaning voucher from a cleaner, they wouldn’t be able to use it for anything other than cleaning. With the Helpful Love voucher, they can choose whatever they need.) Visit our shop to purchase a voucher and we will lovingly package up the voucher with a hand-written card and arrange delivery to the recipient, who can book their preferred vendors whenever they are ready.


Can I exchange my voucher for cash?

The short answer is no.

Someone who cares for you has purchased your Helpful Love voucher as a thoughtful gift. You wouldn’t ask the florist to swap a bunch of flowers for cash and you can’t swap your Helpful Love vouchers for cash either. If we swap vouchers for cash, the team at Helpful Love won’t be able to keep offering this practical alternative to flowers for your community or support our families.


When does my voucher expire?

Never. Helpful Love vouchers never expire so you can make use of your gift at any time.


What if I don’t want to use any of the vendors in my area?

We have some vendors who are Australia wide, so you may like to check them out in the directory.
We like to give our customers lots of great choices so keep checking back as new vendors are added all the time.
If you have a vendor in mind that is not on our directory contact us with your request and we will see if we can bring them on board, so you can use your Helpful Love voucher with them.


How do I become a Helpful Love vendor?

We are always interested in connecting with new potential vendors. Head over to the contact page and drop us a line. Tell us about you and your service and why you would be a good fit for Helpful Love. Make sure you give us your contact details too. You must have a current ABN and current public liability insurance, plus be caring and above all helpful.


Still have questions?

Head over to the contact page and drop us a line. Our team will be in touch with a response.

Have a Helpful Love voucher?

Our handpicked community of vendors are ready to lend a helping hand!

It’s easy, search our selection of caring local vendors and allow them to lighten your load with practical support.

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