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Group Collecting

Helpful Love is the practical alternative to flowers. ​

We have established caring communities to lend a helping hand who all accept the Helpful Love Gift Voucher.

You can buy one here, or you can set up a page for a group gift to be sent.

For group collections, we can create a Collection Page for family and friends to contribute to, and we’ll lovingly package them up a beautiful delivery of Gift Vouchers and a hand written card.

The recipient can then book their preferred vendors whenever they are ready! The vouchers never expire!

100% of the money collected is given to the family in the form of Helpful Love Gift Vouchers, as all administrative costs associated with running Helpful Love are paid by our lovely vendors (unlike other crowd funding sites where a % of the funds are taken from the recipient to run the site).

For any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Request a Collection Page.

Have a Helpful Love voucher?

Our handpicked community of vendors are ready to lend a helping hand!

It’s easy, search our selection of caring local vendors and allow them to lighten your load with practical support.

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A voucher is the best way to gift someone so they can choose exactly what they need.

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