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07 12 16

Group Gift Some Helpful Love


When people we love go through a tragic loss, it’s natural for us to group together and do whatever we can to help take some of their pain away.

Cooking meals, mowing lawns, feeding pets, rallying up a group working bee are just some of the ways communities work together.

More often than not, people send flowers – which are lovely, but not particularly practical or helpful.

Some people create crowd founding accounts to provide financial support, which is equally as helpful. However, not everyone is comfortable with accepting money.

That’s why we created Helpful Love. A useful, practical alternative during tragic times.

We handpick local service providers who are not only awesome at what they do, but who genuinely care about the families they are working for. We have a diverse range including cleaners, lawn maintenance, massage, counselling, pet minding, spiritual healing, home cooked meal delivery and more.

You can search our directory and book directly, or if you’re not sure what the recipient needs, purchase a Helpful Love Gift Voucher which can be redeemed with any Helpful Love vendor of their choice.

Helpful Love is now proud to offer its Collecting page, perfect for groups wanting to put a collection together. Helpful Love does not take any commission or fees (our vendors pay a small fee to keep Helpful Love up and running) so the recipient receives the exact amount in Helpful Love Gift Vouchers, unlike some crowd funding sources.

Helpful Love can set up a public or private page for the recipient with a PayPal button for payments to be made into their very own Helpful Love account. Gift Vouchers will then be sent to the recipient on a weekly basis until funds are exhausted. (We will work with individuals to determine their preferred method for redemption – just let us know how we can help, and we’ll make it happen!) The page also has a comments function to enable family and friends to write messages of love and support, and an option to add photos for happy memories.

We wish from the bottom of our hearts that our world was free of tragedy and heartache, but sadly, there are times when the people we love need our support.

Next time you find yourself in a helpless situation, you may consider collecting for a gift of Helpful Love.


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