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Helpful LoveRs spreading the love


Introducing, another one of our awesome Helpful Love team members, Lauren.

Being a Helpful LoveR is such an awesome and rewarding opportunity to help others in their time of need.

My husband and I were gifted a Helpful Love Gift Voucher earlier this year when our beautiful little boy was in the NICU. My waters broke at 22 weeks and I was hospitalised from then until our little miracle was born 6 weeks later at just 28 weeks of age. We then spent a further 3 months with him in NICU. Needless to say, it was a very emotional and stressful time in our lives, and we didn’t get much time to ourselves or to cook or do anything around the house. This is where the amazing Helpful Love voucher came to shine!! We were able to use it with the online vendors to help us out and take a little bit of extra stress off us in our time of need.

After our experience I knew that I wanted to become a Helpful LoveR as soon as our son was home and healthy. I wanted to help others in the way that Helpful Love helped us.

We all go through some hard times in our lives, and being able to help your family and friends through these tough times with things they need is a wonderful gift that I now get to do every day.

The Helpful Love movement would not be where it is today without the love, support and ongoing effort of these super humans! Thanks Helpful LoveRs!


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