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Worry Dolls


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Our gorgeous Fair Trade Guatemalan Worry Dolls Pouch is a perfect little addition to your gift of Helpful Love.

Worry Dolls make beautiful, unique, thoughtful gifts for people of all ages and cultures.

Legend says that you whisper your worries to your dolls, and put them under your pillow at night to help take your worries away.

Each pouch contains 6 mini worry dolls, and a little card explaining traditional legend and how to use the dolls.

Our Worry Dolls are ethically produced and handmade by Guatemalan Artisans, and your purchase helps to provide income and work for families in various parts of Guatemala.

Please note, as these products are handmade, every pouch and doll is handmade unique and different.

Pouch colours to choose from green, red or yellow.


Return and Refund Policy

Our general policy is that we do not offer refunds or returns due to the nature of our products being purchased as “gifts”, so please choose wisely. However if there are any issues, please contact us.

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