Welcome to the Helpful Love Vendor Directory.

Here you will find all our caring hand-picked vendors who can provide you with practical support when you need it.

The Helpful Love voucher can be redeemed with any of our amazing vendors. If you are wanting to purchase Helpful Love gift vouchers visit our shop. We also offer group collection head over to our Group collection page to find out more.

Have a voucher to redeem?

It’s easy

Step 1. Select the vendor of your choice here in the directory, or contact us and tell us which services you would like to use and we’ll source them in your local area for you.

Note: For Jims Group or Woolworths WISH e-Gift Cards, click “Redeem Voucher” and fill in the contact form telling us which voucher you’d like. We will send you the eCard of your choice within 3-5 business days by email.

Step 2. If choosing from the directory, contact your preferred vendor directly to book their services. Let them know you will be using your Helpful Love voucher.

Step 3. When the service is provided, give the vendor your Helpful Love voucher for payment like cash.

Step 4. Relax and enjoy your gift.

Note. If the service of your choice costs more than the value of your Helpful Love voucher you can either pay the difference to the vendor directly or purchase additional Helpful Love vouchers from our shop.