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International Star Registry

Name a Star! – The International Star Registry offers the opportunity to assign the names of loved ones to the stars. Since 1979 more than two million stars have been named worldwide. The name given to the star, the date of registration, the constellation and the coordinates of the star are notated on the parchment Certificate of Record and on the Astronomical Chart. The chart shows the star circled in red. A booklet on astronomy contains a pictorial constellation chart for orientation purposes. (Please note: The star you are naming is not visible to the naked eye. You need a 6″ (150mm) telescope to see it.) The star names and their coordinates are published periodically in the series of books called ‘Your Place in the Cosmos’ listing all additions to the growing fraternity of people immortalised by having a star named in their honour. Generations to come will be able to look up to the star named and locate it in the night sky – and that’s a beautiful thought.

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